Introduction of Land of the Queers in Germany

On Wednesday July 17th, Max will introduce Land of the Queers to public at the institute for social and cultural anthropology of his university in Halle, Germany.

New Life Story – Marcelo

We just published the next life story. Follow the link to visit Marcelo’s page!

The Difficulty of Representation

Land of the Queers has been officially online now for almost one week. There were hundreds of clicks within the first few hours, with support for the project and persons being interested in sharing their life stories pouring in as well. Nevertheless, there was some criticism regarding Aedin and Pieter’s story, which we would like …

Welcome to “Land of the Queers”!

This is a social anthropological project, which not only wants to investigate the reality of the life of queer people in Namibia but also to offer a platform for their stories. This website serves for information, documentation, and participation in the project. Research results collected through this website will be used for homework and final …