Academic Literature on Gender and Sexuality in Namibia

Here you can find some academic articles, monographs and anthologies about gender and sexuality with a focus on non-cisgender and non-heterosexual views and aspects. Feel free to let us know in case you want to add something.

Boulton, Jack. 2019. “‘I Only Relax with my Friend and my Wife’: Between Friends and Family in Swakopmund, Namibia.” Ethnofoor 31 (1): 85-98.

Brown, A. “‘Sometimes people kill you emotionally’: policing inclusion, experiences of self-identified homosexual youth in secondary schools in Namibia.” African Identities 15 (3): 339-350.

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Kaundjua, Maria B., Lydia Kauari and Pempelani Mufune. 2014. “Young People’s Perceptions of Sex and Relationships in Northern Namibia.” International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies 5 (2): 279-295.’S_PERCEPTIONS_OF_SEX_AND_RELATIONSHIPS_IN_NORTHERN_NAMIBIA

LaFont, Suzanne and Dianne Hubbard (editors). 2007. Unravelling Taboos: Gender and Sexuality in Namibia. Windhoek: Legal Assistence Centre.