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LOTQ was started in June 2016. Playing with the name of Namibia‘s national anthem „Land of the braves“, the facebook page was used to share and promote community events, writing words of empowerment and commenting on LGBTQIA+ issues in the country.
In May 2019, the LOTQ-website was launched.

The website was initiated by me, Max. I had contacted the adminstrators about two months before because I was looking for people telling me about Namibia‘s queer community. We got along very well and so it happened that both supported me in building up the website, even giving the logo and the name. Check out About the Project for more details about the website‘s content and how we shared the work.

Now, the admins have withdrawed from activism and LOTQ because they need a break for themselves. At the moment, all the social media (facebook, instagram) and the website lay in my hands only. Therefore, I am looking for queer Namibians who would like to participate in LOTQ as equal part of a new team. LOTQ knows no hierarchies. We have always been a collective, deciding together. Therefore, the future of LOTQ‘s contents is depending on everyone working behind it.

There is no need for applications, just inbox me or the page if you are interested in joining and we will take a look if we come along. There are also no specific requirements but you should know and move in Namibia‘s LGTBTQIA+ community, being experienced in using facebook/instagram, being emancipatory, solidaric with and aware for all queer people and not only certain groups, non-racist and creative.

But with whom would you work together?

I am a 22 years old anthropologist student from Leipzig, Germany. Between August 2017 and July 2018, I was an assistant teacher for a voluntary service at a high school in Rehoboth. I am queer myself and interested in politics, post-colonialism, feminism, anarchism, critical whiteness studies, activism, gender studies and queer theory.
During my time in Namibia I have build up a connection of solidarity with Namibia‘s queer community which is why I have started the website and researching on this topic.

LOTQ was never supposed to be the project of a white person sitting in a university in Germany far away from Namibia’s queer community. Accidentally that just happened and it’s not right.

Feel free to write, ask and share. Probably we administrate LOTQ together soon!

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  1. Marshall kuhanga

    I am part of the LOTQ this is good for Namibian