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“Warehouse is closing on October 8th and it is a community tragedy. Due to financial constraints and outside pressures, the 30 year running staple has been forced to close. Warehouse isn’t the usual nightlife hub. As a music, arts, and cultural focused venue it has provided 30 years of supportive space to up-in-coming and established artists. It’s been a creative home to local and international talents and has been a profound tourism site. Warehouse has served as one of the few safe havens for the queer community and allies,  and has promoted an overall ethic of love and acceptance. It has sustained the local economy for both employees and artists, and it’s closure will have a crippling effect for the entire community. Help us save our beloved Warehouse and the significant place it holds as a national gem. But know that the work doesn’t stop here– we need to actively work with the city and organize efforts to keep Warehouse alive. If you have ever been positively impacted by this venue, TAKE A STAND.”
– Text of the petition “Keep Warehouse open”

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The meaning of Warehouse for Namibia’s queer community

Zindri Swartz, Stage Manager at the National Theater Namibia in Windhoek and a regular visitor of Warehouse, wrote a short statement for Land of the Queers why Warehouse Theater plays an important role for Namibia’s queer community:

“I am quite mortified by the idea of losing a safe haven as member of the LGBTIQ+ community. My heart was shattered when I heard the warehouse theater was closing down because it was an establishment that encouraged inclusion and acceptance .The warehouse did not strive to tolerante diverse cultures, they demanded and advocated for the right of self expression and protection within their boundaries. So respect for each other`s differences and similarities was part and parcel of their brand. Safety is always their priority and I have never felt as safe anywhere else. My mind already feels displaced. It measures up to the equivalent of losing a member of your family.”
– Zindri Swartz, Stage Manager at the National Theater Namibia