Protests against Ministry of Home Affairs

There are currently protests in Namibia against the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The one father, Phillip, welcomed his and husband Guillermo’s surrogate-born children into the world in South Africa and now wants to return to Namibia to join his husband and their older two-year-old son.

Namibia’s Ministry of Home Affairs is refusing their application for Namibian citizenship by descent for the newborn children and refuses entry because the ministry does not want to recognise the South African birth certificate regularly issued that shows the two gay fathers as parents.

According to the fathers, this leaves the children de facto stateless & homeless, violating the Namibian Human Rights Act and International law. Guillermo and legal team met in court this morning Thursday the 25th in the capital city of Windhoek, The Namibian High Court, to plead their case against the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The results from this mornings court proceedings will be communicated to the public in the 19th of April 2021.

Protestor at the ralley. Photo: Abigail Solomons