Welcome to “Land of the Queers”!

This is a social anthropological project, which not only wants to investigate the reality of the life of queer people in Namibia but also to offer a platform for their stories.

This website serves for information, documentation, and participation in the project. Research results collected through this website will be used for homework and final theses within my social anthropology studies, but it is not connected to the university at all.

Who exactly stands behind this website, which goals are being pursued, how this project came about, how the collection of life stories works and further interesting information about “Land of the Queers” can be found under the tab “About the project”.

At the moment the website is still very normative, so it gives more information about the political, legal and social conditions of queer life in Namibia than the actual claim to record the reality of the life of individuals, couples and families. This circumstance will change in the course of time, as soon as the project has become better known in the queer community of Namibia. It is therefore worth paying a visit to the website regularly and watching its growing.

If you haven’t had many points of contact with queer terms yet, that’s not bad at all. Under “LGBTwhat?” you will find the link to a glossary with some definitions that can be helpful to understand.

We are always open for criticism which you can let us know via the contact form under “Contact and Criticism”.

We would be very happy if you help to make the project better known. In Namibian, academic, queer or other emancipatory circles as well as with family and friends.

We wish you many interesting insights into the non-cisheteronormative part of Namibian society in the “Land of the Queers”.